It's Christmas time.  My favorite time of the year.  A time when peace and joy are more present in my heart than any other time. I love Christmas, everything about it.  I love the snow, decorating the Christmas tree, decorating my house, looking at all the lights, singing Christmas carols, eating way too much good... Continue Reading →


Growing up, I was always afraid of storms.  The uncertainty of them was the worst part.  No matter what the weather people said, you never fully knew the amount of damage the storm would do.  I also lived in a home with no basement and next to a forest so... that did not help my... Continue Reading →


There is a street that is close to my house that I love to walk my dog on.  I live in a smaller town in Wisconsin and there are so many cute and unique homes on this street.  No cookie-cutter homes, every one of them is unique and adorable in their own way. 


The devil is a liar.  Did you all know that?  Because he is.  This is a truth I have known and studied for many years.  Although I have known this in my mind, my heart was never fully on board.  Now, after 27 years of being on earth, my heart and my mind are beginning... Continue Reading →

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